Firmware 1.12.1 for Amiga500 4mb card

Due to scandoubler not working in A2000 with internal graphics slot I’ve ordered a Denise adapter. When using the Denise adapter, as i understand, I need to use the A500 firmware.
When i went to download firmware (boot.bin) i could only see the 2mb firmware although previous versions had a 4mb version. Is there a way to get the 4mb version for v1.12.1?
I have the new ZZ9000 with the black module on it.

4MB version for A500/A500+ is missing from firmware list indeed.
Previous version had it so it should happen in next week or so.
2MB version is a good starting point, though.

It’s been about three weeks since I’ve ordered the Denise adapter but still no word from mnt :roll_eyes:

Meanwhile I’m trying to make sense of the results from zztop.
The picture is from my A2000 with firmware 1.12.1 Zorro 2 4mb - scandoubled via zz9000 internal video slot.

What does the result mean? And the core voltage? Is that right?

This seems OK.
Temps are good (near 50 deg C indicate good ventilation or system running less than hour with no significant load), voltages within nominal values. Memtest output also correct.

@mntmn today I finally got the Denise adapter and now the scan doubled display is stable. However for that I need to use the A500 firmware, which is ok, but there’s only the 2mb available- leaving me without the 32bit RTG modes. When will the 4mb version be available?

@mntmn any news on the boot.bin? 4mb for A500 (actually A2000 with Denise adapter) is still missing :flushed: