First-time wifi setup (WLE200NX)

Just received my Reform yesterday, got it charged, NVME mounted as /home and so far so good. I’m reasonably experienced with debian and *nix but it’s been a few years since I’ve brought up new hardware.

I’m stumped on how to proceed making wifi work. I don’t have ethernet here so wifi is my only net connection and of course I cannot add packages yet.

I can find nothing at all in the Reform manual relating to making the WLE200NX card go. iwlist doesn’t exist.

Any suggestions on where to start?

OK as often happens as soon as I post, I find an answer.

In the manual’s NETWORK section, network-manager is alleged to be installed, but it seems to not be…

but nmtui worked, and wifi came right up. So I’m online and can probably stumble along from here.

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