Flashing the keyboard firmware

I just failed to flash the keyboard firmware for my pocket :grimacing:Well it all succeeded (after putting the keyboard in programming mode), but I think moving the enter key down one row in matrix.h means I can’t use Hyper+Enter in new or old position to boot. Is that expected? The sources made me think it should be fine. Now Hyper+anykey gives me “Press Hyper + Enter for menu. Hold to power up”… have I any options other than disassembly to put the controller in factory mode now?

ah… I just noticed the flash.sh script in the firmware repo directory, and that uses picotool to reboot the rp2040. I ran the picotool load command from the manual, waited a minute or two after the progress bar had completed, and then toggled the reset switch. Maybe that left it in an inconsistent state?

I’m on vacation the next couple of weeks, but unless I get better advice before then I plan to manually flash the system rp2040 with a factory mode setting when I get back. I’m very nervous about disassembling my new favorite toy so early on though!

I believe I can cross compile the sysctl from my intel thinkpad and flash the disassembled pocket by connecting to the internal usb and carefully following instructions on setting dip switches. Then I should be able to power up with just the charger, and trying programming the keyboard again with an external usb keyboard attached.

Once I’ve figured out what I did wrong, I’ll put together a prototype keymap editor gui with Lua!