Flashing the LPC power question

Hello all,
I’m about to tackle the firmware update for the first time, and referring to the documentation and the iFixit guide, I have a question about power.
I’m assuming this should be done with the batteries disconnected and the mains power off; however the photographs on the iFixit guide show the batteries connected.

I had the same question and asked it here:


and here:


The second link has an answer by @minute:

josch: well, the manual says you should remove the batteries when opening the device, so that leaves only wall power. but you don’t have to follow that advice of course ^^

I interpret this, that the official advice is to have the batteries removed and only wall power attached while upgrading the lpc firmware.

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Many thanks. It looks like it needs power to the board but the batteries should be disconnected just as the usual precaution against shorts.

Thank you!

Another thing I noted is that the fw compilation has an error about the lpcrc binary not being found; I don’t understand makefiles at all well but I think the problem is it is being called before it’s created? There is a line in there to build it and I just did that manually and the build succeeds.

I don’t think this is documented yet. I create this MR against the handbook to fix this issue:

It also mentions that REFORM_MOTHERBOARD_REV has to be set and that flash.sh is interactive.

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Pleased to report it all went off without any issue. I also have my replacement batteries in, now I’m just awaiting the new battery boards.