For DIY'ers: possibility to buy Leather Sleeve and/or printed Operator Handbook?

While reading Lukas’ MNT Reform march 2021 production update—those new keycaps turned out really UBER AWESOME, just WOAAH :exploding_head:—I was wondering whether there will be any possibility for us DIY’ers to buy either (or actually hopefully both) of the Reform Max only items:

i) the Black Leather Sleeve by Greta
ii) a printed MNT Reform Operator Handbook

Thx in advance, Matthias


I didn’t even know that DIY doesn’t contain printed operator handbook :cry:
Would be cool to buy it separately.

Hi matthias! Both the Sleeve and the Operator Handbook will be offered soon™ at Crowd Supply and in our own shop.


Thx! This is another great news :grinning:

Happy to hear. They both looked tempting, but I personally could not pass up an opportunity to build my laptop from parts. For warranty reasons, I usually only see the inside of my portable devices after years of owning them.


Xmas is here :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the links – ordered!



What doesn’t it like about France?! We’re crap with pandemic-handling and vaccinations, but otherwise we’re nice, promise! :crying_cat_face:


Strange, I was even able to order it being in Russia! I hope you can just drop Lukas an email or mention him there (cc @mntmn)

That’s really strange, would you mind dropping me an email with a screenshot of your cart contents to I’d like to look into it. Or was it fixed in the meantime?

Well, I was trying to buy the shiny silver sleeve. I guess I was just too late; if I try to buy something else (the handbook for example) it works just fine. I guess… I’ll have to wait until the normal, pedestrian, black edition goes on sale. :see_no_evil:

There were only 6 of these I think … I also hesitated and they were already gone by the time I made up my mind. you snooze, you lose :stuck_out_tongue:

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