FOSDEM 23 Meetup?

Hello, I’m wondering if any other reformers are attending FOSDEM this year? I will be there and would enjoy meeting some of you in person.

I’ll also be there, mostly around PostgreSQL and Debian areas. Not sure how it looks like (never been in-person to FOSDEM before), and where try to meet: I’d assume Debian (as MNT Reform image is based on it) or around Linux on Mobile (as MNT Reform uses the same CPU as Librem 5 or similar devices) would be natural places to gather.

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Cool! Yeah it’s a bit chaotic for what I can remember so it’s a good idea to plan for a location. If you’re already planning to spend time on the Debian booth, then let’s try to meet there.

I will be at FOSDEM, mostly with Linux Mobile, and plan to bring a prototype of Pocket Reform.


Awesome, looking forward to meeting you there and to check the Pocket Reform prototype.

You spoiled the surprise!! :upside_down_face: