German keyboard layout on Gnome?

Hi, I ordered the reform with a german keyboard, because this is the closest to the Swiss one I am used too. And as a relative linux noob I am still more comfortable with gnome - and when everything freezes, I hit the super/MNT key and kill a few unneeded windows. In gnome, the one and onlz kezboard lazout (zes habits are difficult to loose…) is the US one.
I am not sure this applies to gnome too.
Any hints?

Edit /etc/locale.gen file (as root) and uncomment de_DE.UTF8. Then execute sudo locale-gen and wait till it completes. Then quite gnome control centre and start it anew - you should get german language there.

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Great, thanks a lot!
I even added fr_CH and de_CH and I now can switch between keyboard layouts with SUPER+space.
The Reform becomes much more usable.