How long for battery controller to learn battery capacity?

Hey all,

Just got my reform yesterday. It has been plugged in charging for the whole night, but the battery is still blinking on the keyboard display. How long will it take for the controller to learn the battery capacity?

Hi! Now that a number of MNT Reforms are in the field, it appears that the heuristic that determines “the batteries are now full” should be tweaked a bit. The charger in your case is probably balancing the cells near the upper end and doesn’t decide that it’s really full now. Normally a full charge takes roughly an hour, maybe a bit more if the cells are really drained.

I would recommend to use the laptop on batteries for 2-3h and then charge it again.

I will collect some more feedback and then tweak the LPC firmware to detect full charge more reliably.

Ah, when charging in this ???% state for a while, can you post a photo of the Circle-B and Circle-S OLED screens? It will be interesting to see how the voltages are and how long it is in the balancing state.

So the ???% went away after about a day it seems.

One thing I noticed is that the blinking battery icon is obscuring the the value of the top right battery pack. Most of the others were around 3.3/3.4. For the top right one I could only see .0 after the blinking sign. Not sure if it was meant to be.

So all is good now on #20 :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Since you asked about the voltage :

3.4 3.5
3.4 3.4
3.4 3.5
3.4 3.5

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Thank you! Yes, I need to find a better way to display the alert when inside the battery status and other views. Maybe show it only after a delay.