ICYMI: MNT Reform LS1028A expansion module preorders now open

Hi MNT Community! Lukas has started taking preorders for the LS1028A expansion module that includes a dual-core ARM chip with 2 higher performance A72 cores, 8 or 16 GB RAM, and a fully open design. The caveat is that if there aren’t enough preorders, production will not be feasible.

A batch of 100 modules needs at least 70 preorders to break even. Anyone preordering can rest assured that they will get a refund if there are not enough orders to produce the batch.

Read more: Status Update on LS1028A Open Hardware CPU Module (noindex)—MNT Research

Preorder on the MNT shop: MNT Reform LS1028A Module (Preorder) - MNT Research Shop


I’m sure it has been mentioned before, but what options are there to reuse the ‘old’ module after the upgrade?


If this will come as default with the future MNT reforms, this laptop will be very much more appealing and relevant. I will give serious consideration.

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Looks pretty cool. What’s the timeline on this?

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very cool! so excited about this upgrade :slight_smile:

Do I get it right that a) network only works with a USB dongle? and b) it won’t be possible to have an external display using the HDMI port?

b) is correct, it’s a PCI-E port with a HDMI connector.

In the production version, 1 gbit ethernet is expected to just work normally over the RJ-45 port.

The HDMI carries PCIe and the idea is that you could (with an adapter/dock/box that we would provide) use a Radeon GPU, for example.

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that would be awesome, I’m definitely interested, just don’t have the finances at this point in time. I will be preordering a module once the money situation allows though.

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But seriously though, would this have a pci-e x16 slot and a power supply for the graphics card built in?

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Yes, although only a 1x lane active.

Really thrilled you’re pressing on with the platform. I’ll pre-order when I’ve got the cheddar available.

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I’d consider getting the 16GB RAM module and a pocket with the intention of installing the original reform module in the pocket and the 16GB module in the reform (as in the pocket coming without the original advertised CPU module)

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Ditto. I would gladly swap if I knew I could easily retrofit for pocket reform But something tells me pocket will be using this instead.

I was thinking one could put it in a case and make a retropi box with the old module :slight_smile: