Image freezing with artifacts and guru reboot with ZZ9000

Hello everyone

I have a problem with the ZZ9000 card that I received this week. I contacted support but they are out of office until November 23 so I’m trying here, maybe someone can help me.

I have an AMIGA 4000 with a 68060 BFG 9060 card and some Zorro expansion cards: X-Surf 100 and Buddha IDE, also an Indivision 4000 (which I just removed for the ZZ9000).
The mainboard has been checked and recapped, the original battery did not cause any damage.

Everything works w’ell since I own the machine (about 4 years).

The problem I have is the following:
The amiga starts correctly on the workbench but after a minute the display crashes with arctifacts and the amiga reboot with a guru.
I first thought of a problem with my software installation but the problem come back under the early startup.

I also thought of an incompatibility with my BFG card and unfortunately the problem is the same with my original A3630 card.

I tried with the following configuration:
BFG 9060 + Firmware 1.12.1 no zorro ram, with or without mainbaord RAM
BFG 9060 + Firmware 1.12.1 Zorro 2 (just a desperate try)
A3630+ Firmware 1.12.1 no fast ram, with mainbaord RAM
A3630+ Firmware 1.12.1 zorro ram, with or without mainbaord RAM

The problem is desperately the same.

Does my ZZ9000 have a problem or do you think this is from my 4000?

I put you the links to two videos to illustrate:

workbench crash : Workbench crash - YouTube

Early startup crash : Early startup crash - YouTube

Thanks to everybody.

  • Amiga model: A4000D
  • 680x0 CPU: 68060 REV6 on BFG 9060
  • RAM Configuration: 128 Mo on CPU board
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: 3.2.1
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version: 1.12.1 no ram
  • ZZ9000 Driver version: none, can’t install it.
  • Monitor model: ELO ET1723L
  • Other Zorro cards: Buddha IDE and X-surf 100 with rapidroad.

Hello again.
I also just tested my psu with a fan and a floppy drive plugged to get a load.
I get the following results:
5v: 5.02v
12v: 11.31v
-12v: - 12.05
Is a problem if the 12v is so low?

I too have had some issues such as yellow tint to HDMI output and a USB RDB Partitioned Amiga thumb drive that doesn’t always show up. My Ram amount changes after each boot as well. I was able to stabilize the color output by tilting the card in its slot upwards. But the USB drives only show up now and then. If I press in hard on the USB Thumb drive it will work. I then don’t touch anything and restart the machine or power cycle and it doesn’t work. When I come back later in the day it works then stops after a reboot.

Thank you for your reply.
I tried tilting the card up or down, it doesn’t change the problem: the amiga goes guru after a minute as long as the ZZ9000 is plugged in.

I was also able to test the card this weekend on a friend’s 4000 who has an Acill Motherboard and an original daughter card. The problem is the same as on my 4000.

I’m starting to think my ZZ9000 is defective.

I’m going to contact support again, they were supposed to be back from vacation on the 23rd but I still don’t have an answer to my first ticket.