Is there a list of SoMs that are being considered for future revs?

Guys is there a list of SoMs that are under consideration? What is the direction/selection criteria?

The reform yet lacks an ideal SoM for me right now, and I just wanted to know where I can follow the saga.

Hi there! There’s a super handy chart of the current module lineup on the MNT homepage (some are still not shipping but should soon): Modularity—MNT Research GmbH

I’ve seen discussion also about the next version of the Amlogic A311D, the A311D2 which could support 8 GB RAM instead of 4, but I’m not sure there’s a module that wouldn’t need a new adapter design (the BPi CM5 seems like a likely candidate but it might warrant a new carrier). In general, I’m hopeful the CM4 adapter will pay dividends in the years to come, as new chips on new SoMs utilize this form factor.

As far as I know the only other chip that’s being actively investigated is Rockchip RK3588, since TFirefly has a CM4-like module that could be adapted via mezzanine connector. And even then there are some questions about the graphics driver and mainline Linux support to be resolved, so it might be a bit until this becomes a viable option.

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I have seen the chart already; but this was extremely helpful!

In general, I’m hopeful the CM4 adapter will pay dividends in the years to come, as new chips on new SoMs utilize this form factor.

Do you mean this from a development standpoint, or do you mean that from the user’s perspective? Both?

I’d say more from the user’s perspective, but both can apply. I think in general the more chips and OS options are out there, the more users will adopt the Reform platform.

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Tyvm. I think for now I will resuscitate my old thinkpad x200 tablet, but I’m eyeing the platform seriously.

Does this also mean that if I get the reform with the A311D chip, that I could conceivably use a new chip in the future with the same adapter?

Correct. The A311D is via the Banana Pi CM4, which uses the same adapter as the Raspberry Pi CM4 so you’d have the ability to switch to other compatible SoMs (although not all of them use the display the same way, for instance the RPi needs an internal HDMI to eDP adapter). MNT Reform CM4 Processor Module Adapter - MNT Research Shop

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Tyvvm for all your help!

To be frank, I think modern SSD over PCIe is faster than the DDR3 RAM that my old thinkpad X200t runs at (for purposes of swap). And the A311D chip is nearly as fast as my current laptop processor…

How easy is it to swap between internal and external monitor for the A311D MNT reform?

Also does the A311D with panfrost let me run a native x11 system?

I really appreciate all the responses!