JGNE 18650 1800mAh original MNT Reform battery giveaway


after one of my original MNT Reform batteries started acting up, I replaced all my cells with the 2000 mAh Eremit batteries and I’m not looking back. Now I have 7 nearly new JGNE 18650 1800mAh original batteries that are looking for a new owner. If you want one of them because you also find yourself with a faulty cell, just drop me a private message. I don’t want any money for the cells, just pay for the shipping and I’ll be happy to send them to you. I’m located in Germany. Thanks!


I have 8 cell as well after getting the Eremit batteries, and I am just holding onto them. I have 2 flashlights which use 18650 cells and I am kind of just saving them for those or for when the eremit’s conk out. They go through quite a bit of charge cycles just in regular use of the Reform.

That is pretty rad of your to offer your extras out like that!

I assume (I’m not an engineer :see_no_evil: update: :fire:This might be potentially dangerous. Don’t blame me if the device catches fire and everything around it burns down :fire:) changing
// 1.8A x 3600 seconds/hour
#define MAX_CAPACITY (1.8)*3600.0
#define MAX_CAPACITY (2.0)*3600.0
in the LPC sources reform2-lpc-fw/src/boards/reform2/board_reform2.c · master · Reform / reform · GitLab will do the right estimation with the new battery capacity.


I’m also not an engineer… But I assume that any mention of changing LPC sources, especially from a non-EE background, should be accompanied by the disclaimer that doing so could be potentially dangerous (to you and your Reform). I suppose the fire risk is less real with this battery chemistry, but still there?

Thank you. I’ll update the post.
Charging is done by voltage levels. The max_capacity is used for estimation of the remaining battery power. I wouldn’t use deep discharged batteries too if there is concern of fire. The most laptop batteries (if not all) are disabled by a blown up, non resettable, security fuse when one of the cells is below the minimum voltage level (around 2V-2.5V.) Yes you are right, it might be potentially dangerous changing batteries to out of specification types :see_no_evil:.

Thanks to @josch’s generosity, I am now up and running again! He sent me all batteries to France, so now I have four spare batteries and, assuming that I am not breaking more of mine, I will of course be happy to send them on to the next person in need against postage.