Just came back to a seemingly dead board

Hey - so I had my Reform sitting on a table plugged in and stepped away for a while. When I got back, I smelled burning and noticed that the laptop was off. I noticed that the laptop was very hot near the side where the power cable is, so I pulled the batteries out and took a look.

Don’t see anything visually off yet… R53 looked odd but that’s apparently a fix that was made to the board before shipment.

The only “unusual” thing I was doing at the time was using one of these USB-C PD adapters to charge it: Will we be able to USB power mnt reform? - #2 by mntmn

EDIT: Oh, I don’t have the stock power adapter with me to test (I don’t dare use the other one) but it sounds a lot like what happened here: Laptop unresponsive

Yup, confirmed - I plugged it in briefly and that same component instantly started getting pretty warm. Think it’s the same issue.