Keyboard v3 keypresses repeating

i am seeing occasional unintential repeating keypresses, both in 9front and openbsd. seems more frequent the harder i press the keys, almost as if there is some kind of threshold i’m crossing that makes the keyboard think i’m holding the key down.

anyone eeeellllssssseeeeee seeing this?

Yes, this happened to me to. I thought that maybe something was wrong with the switch itself so I de-soldered it which made me see that there was a very tiny bit of dirt stuck in the plastic slid into which a metal spring slides when you press the key down and the dirt would push the spring back a little bit resulting in a second contact, thus a second key press. Since the dirt was stuck at the top of the plastic slit of the switch, this effect happened when I pressed the key very hard and did not happen when pressing softly.

Maybe remove enough keycaps so that you are able to see the affected switch from the side and check if anything is stuck in it. I’ll take a photo the next time this happens to me.

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