LCD wonky, batteries dead, net.ifnames=0 fails, sysimage download ok but built from source no

Really i’m hoping some of these are related because having so many issues show up at once seems a bit strange.

  1. The LCD display is corrupt. It’s hard to read “Power ON” or “Power off” as it appears lines of text run over each other. The “MNT” logo is undamaged and appears fine so … hardware appears fine. This occurred with sysimagev2 that has been running for months with no changes.

  2. Battery status (what I can make out) shows some cells at 0% and one at 400% and is wonky. When booting Debian it shows 0% and not charging. The charger shows proper DVM-verified voltage. Disconnecting it/reconnecting it the laptop stays running (so clearly working on battery power).

  3. If I set net.ifnames=0 (because I prefer wlan0 to wlp1s0 or whatever) it is unable to associate with the WAP. While iwlist wlan0 scan shows many ESSIDs, the graphical gnome settings only shows two … and neither will connect. Removing “net.ifnames=0” and flash-kernel and WiFi is great.

  4. I’ve used the downloaded sysimagev3. That’s how I have the above. I did download the git clone, mkimage, etc., but that only gets me to the bootloader, and it never starts the kernel or boots linux.

  5. Using the downloaded sysimagev3 it is built SMALL so after an apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade the ‘/’ partition is full. I had to remove e.g. libreoffice to get some progress. It’s 9GB… and since nobody makes a 9GB SD card, how about adding in some more space given it will be installed on a 16GB or greater sized card?

  6. I can SSH in but none of the graphical environments will work over SSH with X forwarding. Gnome, Kde, Sway, yeah no.

  7. please put zstd in there so the kernel can be compressed. This is just a request. The items above are deal-killers.

This is part of the price we pay for cutting edge hardware/software/design… so hopefully someone can take the pieces above and make it into a full picture.