LPC kernel module on ls1028a

I have recently received my LS1028A powered mnt reform and am very happy with it.

Using it for a bit, I’ve found that loading the LPC kernel module won’t do anything (/sys/class/power_supply remains emty).

Looking into it, I’ve found that the device tree for the i.MX8MQ contains code to make this work

Looking at the ls1028a device tree I can’t find an equivalent. (That might just be me though, I know very little about such things…)

Is that an oversight, or are there technical limitations dictating this?

Two days ago, @ehenter noticed the same thing and @minute wrote on IRC:

hmm, looks like spi is still disabled in our ls1028a dts
will have to look at that next week
so far then you can only get the battery status via the oled display @ ls1028a

See 2024-03-07.log


CyReVolt helped me patch the device tree. I opened a merge request: fsl-ls1028a-mnt-reform2.dts: add nodes for EC (!30) · Merge requests · Reform / reform-debian-packages · GitLab