MNT Pocket Reform Campaign is Live

We are very excited to announce that the crowdfunding campaign for our new 7" open hardware mini laptop MNT Pocket Reform is finally live: MNT Pocket Reform | Crowd Supply

Please help us spread the word. I’ll also happily answer technical questions here.


Will the LS1028A Module become an order option for the Pocket Reform?

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Thanks for the cool project!

Please keep in mind that I’m not a hardware hacker (yet) if my questions seem silly :slight_smile:

The Crowd Supply campaign page for the Pocket Reform reads:

Optional Cellular Internet: M.2 key B WWAN slot for 4G/5G/LTE modem (Note: EMEA/APAC/Brazil and Japanese customers have to obtain the modem via MNT Research or other vendors for the EM06-E and EM06-J versions.

As far as I can see, the mnt shop website currently does not offer a cellular module? Are there plans for offering one for German/EMEA users? ETA?

And further down at the purchase options there’s an LTE modem listed:

4G LTE Cellular M.2 Module
From the Crowd Supply Basics project.
LTE-A Cat 6 module with M.2 form factor, with Worldwide LTE-A and UMTS/HSPA(+) coverage

Is that modem from the Crowd Supply Basics usable for Pocket Reform users in Germany?

Do I need additional antennas for cellular data with a modem?

Can I just open the Pocket Reform, put in the modem and my SIM card, reboot and start browsing on mobile internet?

If not, what else do I need or do?

Is it possible to install a (/the same) cellular module on the original Reform?


Will there be a way and enough space to install batteries for extending the stated approx. 4 hours of runtime?

Can one use power banks for cellphones for charging?

I’m curious to know what makes the purple version $70 more expensive. Is there a lot extra to the process?

If I understand it correctly, it has to do with the anodize process. It cost more money to do that with a color such as purple. In my experience MNT is very fair about their prices being representative with the real cost of the manufacturing and assembly process.


Maybe I lost count but is there going to be an unused UART on one of the RP2040s that might be addressable?

USB serial cables are probably as or more common compared to USB sound card dongles but if the hardware is already there it’d be cool to break it out.

Reply to my own question: Why choose LS1028A - #2 by bnys

The LS1082A module would make the Pocket Reform an instant buy for me, especially because of the 16GB of memory. The (two) faster cores are a nice bonus.

If I ever replace the imx8mp core I would want to use a high performance riscV core… I’m hoping something like the JH7710 gets a core in the future

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The Pocket Reform looks amazing, but I am currently nowhere near being able to afford it. Is the expectation that this will be sold directly via MNT after this campaign similarly to the Reform? And would that have any effect on the price (probably impossible to predict but just asking)?