MNT Reform RCORE RK3588 Processor Module Release

I am happy to announce that we launched the sale of the first batch of the RK3588 Processor Module for MNT Reform, called RCORE, in two variants (16GB RAM + 128GB eMMC and 32GB RAM + 256GB eMMC):

The modules are also new options when ordering an MNT Reform: MNT Reform Laptop - MNT Research Shop

I’ve migrated my own personal MNT Reform to the module and so far I really enjoy the comfort of the increased performance (8 cores, 4 of which are Cortex-A76 at 2.4GHz), RAM, dual display and dual PCIe (so one can use a dedicated WiFi or other mPCIe card again in addition to an NVMe SSD).

The launch coincides with the merge of the open source drivers for the RK3588’s GPU, the “Valhall” generation ARM Mali G610-MP4. The drivers are called panthor: Release the panthor!

We are collecting orders now for around 4 weeks before we place a batch order with the supplier of the SOM that I adapted using our custom (open hardware) PCB to make it compatible with MNT Reform. The SOM is the Firefly iCore-3588Q.

Hardware sources and technical details can be found here: Reform / MNT Reform RK3588 SOM · GitLab

We plan to make more in-depth video documentation of the performance, but some bits and pieces can be found on my Mastodon:

Please feel free to reply with any questions you might have about the module.


Will customers for this upgrade be able to trade-in their old boards for re-sale? I like the idea of being able to purchase a new Pocket Reform containing a reconditioned i.MX8MQ, which would be good for the planet, and the small computer would probably struggle with the power and heat constraints of the RK3588.

Others are already selling their modules here in the forum. Maybe another idea would be to offer the MNT Reform 2 (and later the Pocket) in the shop without any CPU module so that one can buy a second hand CPU module and plug that into a reform that came without one?


We have been thinking for a while about solutions for this. While we can certainly offer MNT Reform (and later Pocket Reform) without a module, I’m not sure how strong the demand for that actually is (it’s not that complicated for us to set up though).

I’m currently thinking we should release a very bare-bones, compact and price optimized carrier for the modules which can also double as an unbricking board, and optional enclosure+3D printing files. What do you think?


I would be wary of this myself. As somebody less talented than most here seem to be, I would prefer to receive a tested and fully working computer even if parts inside are reconditioned. And if I brought it in conjunction with a pre-loved compute module and needed hand-holding making it work or I suspected something was faulty, who would I reach out to - the private seller or MNT?

I think that might be quite a good way to allow existing owners to continue using their spare boards, and maybe for those who want to dip their toes into MNT system at lower cost.

I’m very interested in ordering the RCORE, but I’d like to order the camera at the same time to save on shipping. They both seem to be 2-3 months out from shipping but there is no current way to put in an order for the camera with the RCORE. Ideas?

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That sounds like a really nice idea. Might allow lots of options to use spare parts in a number of imaginative ways, or even for just testing parts in isolation re troubleshooting.

I can see how the Reform 2 motherboard is not ideal for this but would the Pocket Reform motherboard not be able to work in such a setup? I have the feeling that many people in this community highly value that MNT already makes parts compatible with different products like the keyboard can be used standalone, in the Reform 2 or at some point in the Reform Next. Or that the adapter boards are mostly interchangeable between the Reform 2 and the Pocket Reform.

Would it be at all possible to have RK3588 in pocket mnt reform? Or would that not be feasible? Btw, does RK3588 have integrated wifi built in/soldered in?

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Thank goodness! I’ve tried the OG chip, LS1028A, and the banana compute module. Finally an option that I can actually use for my work MNT reform. Having to trade off between a single slow core, or random crashes from not enough ram was not ideal. Great job MNT team keeping at it! :clap: Will order as soon as I can afford one.
Edit: Ordered. I’m too excited. This is awesome.


I want to try to summarize what Let me try to summarize status of RK3588; I want to understand its features before buying.

It has big enough flash to install OS - will it be possible to boot from internal flash, or will we have to use SD card like for A311D?

How’s with temperature and power usage? I assume it will be higher than iMX8 and possibly A311D, but what are real values? I’d like to estimate battery life.

Following above links, it looks like we should be able to use NVMe disk, WiFi card (external - i.e. connected by PCIe, not integrated on CPU module like for A311D), internal and external display - and all at the same time! Sounds really cool.

As for WiFi cards - I tried to use Intel AX200 with iMX8 (using adapter as this card has M.2 connector). WiFi worked but BlueTooth not as it required USB connection which is not available on MNT Reform motherboard. I assume that I’ll have similar situation with RK3588 - am I right?

If this works with pocket mnt reform, I am 100% in on buying one. I read that it says in the modularity part of the main website, that it is in development for working with the pocket mnt reform. If you guys are successful, please do tell me. Sounds like it will be fast and awesome.

And no soldered wifi card is a plus too. Same with no bluetooth.

Oh btw, how much heat and energy does rk3588 use compared to imx8m plus?

RK3588 compatibility with pocket reform is under development as stated in the compatibility table from MNT:


I shot a video showcasing the performance of various applications and games on RK3588 MNT Reform:


Cool! This is one likely first upgrade after getting my Pocket Reform (for which I’m so excited) :smiley:

Yeah, I am just wondering how long that will take to be completed and if it will be completed.

If anything else beyond that, wondering if @minute will sell it on crowdsupply also as a separate unit, once of course it supports pocket mnt reform anyhow.