MNT Reform Resources and Availability

MNT Reform is an open source hardware laptop with a focus on DIY expansion, repair, ownership and transparency.

General Information

Getting an MNT Reform

Currently, MNT Reform is exclusively available for pre-order through Crowd Supply (Portland, Oregon):

MNT Research will offer MNT Reform in DIY Kit and assembled versions in Q2 2021 for purchase in the MNT Shop as well.


A printed version of the Operator Handbook will be available soon (and is included in MNT Reform Max). In the meantime, check out the online version of the handbook.

Open Source and OSHW

All sources for MNT Reform hardware and software are available and maintained at:


Hi, [for whatever reason] I didn’t manage to participate in the original campaign but now am considering ordering one. I wonder however whether there’s any benefit waiting for mnt shop listing? I.e. whether it has some impact on margin (no added fee) or customs/VAT (shipping in EU)?

I can’t answer this precisely at the moment because we don’t know the final prices in our shop yet. One advantage is that the package does not have to travel through customs then.

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If one living in the EU would have ordered via the campaign, lets say from austria then it still shouldn’t have to go through customs because you will send the packages from germany, right?

If you have ordered before ~June 18th, 2020, i.e. in the crowdfunding phase, that is correct, we will ship directly to you from Germany. If you have ordered later, you will get your device from Crowd Supply/Mouser from the US and you have already prepaid the import VAT in their shop.

I just checked and I ordered mid July so just after the crowdfunding phase during the preorder phase. I did however pay no import fees and no extra shipping cost during checkout as I remember it calculated the shipping to go from Germany to Germany. So let’s see if Crowdsupply did an oopsie or if that was actually intended. Either way a sending from Germany to the US and back to Germany feels a lil wasteful but I understand that it would probably simplify logistics a lot.

Latest production update MNT Reform March 2021 Production Update — MNT Research

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Just a heads up: MNT Reform Black Piñatex Sleeve now available for purchase (in stock) MNT Reform Sleeve (Black Piñatex) - MNT Research Shop

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Is there any chance I can choose “drop it into my DIY kit when shipping it” as a delivery option? I’m already so excited I don’t think I can handle having a printed handbook and the sleeve but not the actual notebook. :see_no_evil: