MNT-sized Bags/Cases

I thought we could share what bags or cases we find that seem well-suited for the MNT Reform, given its non-standard dimensions.

Feel free to recommend things for the Pocket Reform, too. I just could only pick one label for the topic.

Of course, the official has some designer laptop (and keyboard) sleeves that are worth checking out!

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After lots of searching, I found a bag on Amazon that is a great size for the MNT Reform, and it is only $27 USD. Amazon Link The main pocket’s inner dimensions are 24cm x 30cm x 5cm (9.5" x 12" x 2") and can comfortably fit the Reform and handbook with room for more, but not so much room that it will be banging around loose. If anyone wanted to add extra padding to this pocket, it would fit the Reform like a glove.

I am in no way affiliated with the people who make this or with Amazon, and I’m not getting paid or making commission or anything like that. I’m just really picky about bags and I am really pleased with this one, and it’s also inexpensive, so I just thought I should share in case anyone else is looking for a bag like this.

It is a kind of bag style called “MOLLE,” which is not a brand but rather a design pattern that allows for highly modular and extremely customizable stuff-carrying solutions. This bag has a main, lightly-padded compartment that is a little bigger than the MNT Reform and also has pockets that fit the handbook, and I assume would fit the peripheral MNT keyboard. There are also pouches on the front that are great for accessories, cables, tools, drives, etc. And, because of the MOLLE webbing, you can easily attach other, separate MOLLE pouches or bags, carabiners, hooks, strings, practically anything. You can therefore customize the bag however you want to suit your needs and fit all your computer stuff. Also, it has Velcro hook & loop fastener sections where you can attach “morale” patches, which may or may not be funny and/or nerdy.

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Many old laptop bags fit well (from late 1990s to early 2000s). Sut cdimensions were common in these days.

I use an old Samsonite laptop bag from that era (it was gifted to me for free because if was of no use for the original owner :wink: )

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Thanks! This is a great bag for carrying the Reform around. I like it!

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I’m using a waxed-canvas Muzetto bag form Waterfield I’ve had for probably 10 years, works great! I seem to remember paying around $150 for it, but it looks the prices have really soared since then:

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I’m using a Wenger Speedline 13" universal laptop bag to carry my mnt reform around. It is very well padded. Usually I put it in my backpack where it takes up a bit more space than I like, but it is rugged enough to be carried on it’s own, even has attachment points for a strap.

I also like to put kitchen sponges at the bottom of my laptop cases, for additional protection when I put them down.

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Ah, lucky! I had a miniature Windows XP laptop in the 2000’s, and had a pretty decent bag for it. I think I eventually got rid of the bag and computer, though. I wonder if you can find Samsonite bags or others from the era on auction sites… :thinking:

:star_struck: Woww, that looks classy! I was trying to find a (cheap) leather bag, but didn’t find any that were the right dimensions. Definitely can’t go wrong with leather. :ok_hand:

Oh, is it like this one? This looks nice, too! I like the idea with the sponges, I never even though of that.

I’m really happy with it :grin:

I love Waterfield stuff. They are expensive but their stuff really lasts! Several cases and sleeves. My favorite is the racer-x briefcase that I use everyday. (They don’t make it anymore)

Yeah, that’s the exact one!

I don’t think they make it any longer though. I had a quick look yesterday and couldn’t find any sites that are still selling it :frowning:

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Do you have the small version of this bag? I would think so. But I just want to be sure.

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Back when I bought it there was only one size. Just measured mine and it seems to be the “large”. The Reform kind of swims in it, pretty sure you would be fine with the medium (maybe even the small).

Here it is upright:

And sideways:

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Fitting in sideways is a good reason to go with the large.
I do like the bag as small as possible, and based on the dimensions I’m pretty sure the Reform will fit in there as well. Just wont have room for much more.

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I plan on ordering a bag for my pocket reform closer to when it comes – this is the one i’m looking at

I may change my mind as the summer goes on, but that’s where i’m at so far

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I like all the space for accessories, AC adapter, etc.

Something like that seems the right way to go. Waterfield has a bag like that, so I’ll probably go with them. I know they are expensive but their bags last. I have a bag from them that is 20 years old and it still works as if new.

The Pocket needs something a bit more protective as well. Its size means that it is going to be far more mobile. I will be commuting with mine to work and back. So I’ll be looking for something to pad against vibrations as well.

Wow i hadn’t heard of Waterfield before. Those bags look great, maybe i should save my pennies…