MNT ZZ9000 Resources

Did you already try the latest firmware?

Additional information incl. all user manuals: MNT ZZ9000 Amiga Graphics Accelerator + Network, USB — MNT Research

ZZ9000 revisions R-1 and R-2 need an important hardware fix. Check this easy guide for cutting the trace:

The ZZ9000 compendium by Greg Donner: ZZ9000 Compendium: Preface

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Been on this site a few times…the drivers seem to be stuck at V1.8 (two months)

A Few videos on Twitter show stuff but no info how to run things on the ARM core…

Welcome! What features are you looking for on the ARM side?

We are working (with contributors) on 2 ways of running ARM software from AmigaOS, one is FW2.0 which is based on Linux. It will still take several months to complete. You can check out the concept paper here: MNT ZZ9000 FW2.0 Concept - CodiMD

If you know your way around Linux development, this might be interesting for you: Amiga / zz9000-linux · GitLab

Edit: Also, if you want to follow along the development more closely, you can come to #mnt-amiga on

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Thank you for the Reply…very interesting…I`m dreaming of MP3 Audio Decoding on the Arm side…I currently use a Pistorm cpu replacement in my A500+ this gives me 12mips 020 with 256mb ram.

also is there a way to add external leds like the leds on the card…as i want to build a case to keep the ZZ9000 clean.