Mntre_v3 QMK firmwar

Hi everyone recently the V3 keyboard has been ported over to QMK: QMK Configurator.

Feel free to report any issues. The original contributor to the previous model is Profile - cdc - MNT Research Community. This version was modified based on their contribution.


Maybe i’m just ignorant: what are the benefits in using the QMK firmware over the stock firmware?

Is QMK capable of adding custom features for the OLED?

I think its just a matter of preference. Some keyboard enthusiast just prefer it as it’s familiar.

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So I am talking from the point of a QMK and an Erogdox user. I run a 3 layer keymap on the keyboard. Main layer is Dvorak customized to my liking, I hit a modifier key and now my keyboard in a 10key with mouse keys, I hit a different modifier key and now I have a QWERTY layout. With the rp2040 depending on the memory on the rp2040 available you could program multiple layers to the keyboard including macrokeys.
QMK enables a method of modifying your keymaps to your liking and it is well documented. I am excited to give it a try when I receive a Reform Pocket.
I hope the information I have provided is helpful and accurate. I will try and correct any errors after I have a chance to review more information about the Reform products.

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Hello @Habib,

I have some issues with your qmk firmware on the MNT keyboard
standalone v3. As soon as the firmware is flashed, the LEDs blink non stop
and I lose the LCD display’s output.
Output from the keys seems fine thought.

Have you any insight to debug this situation ?


QMK as far as I understand is only supported for the standalone keyboards, not the one on the reform. I don’t think the code includes the serial communication you need to talk to the system controller on the reform laptop.