Mouse Pointer at Firmware 1.7 beta2 vs. 1.8 beta1

i want to inform about a strange behavior with FW 1.8 beta 1:
With FW 1.7 beta2 everything seems to work fine, 224MB (16+208) Fast, Mouse Pointer ok. The 208MB are from FastLane Z3.
With FW 1.8 beta1 i have nearly 480MB! (16+208+256) Fast, the 256MB are from ZZ9000, but the Mouse Pointer is then chaotic!
The Mouse Sprite is not visible where it should be and sometimes invisible.
This Mouse behavior is the same without the FastLane Z3.
Maybe a fix is possible?

  • A4000D, 68060, 2MB Chip, 16MB Fast, Kickstart 3.1.4, FastLane Z3 with 256MB (eff. 208MB) Fast, Eagle PCI Shuttle-Board

I had exactly the same problem… before the board already fixed for the 3,3V issue, died.

Mine did that too before I installed P96 3.0 and the new matching 1.8 drivers. I believe it’s simply an incompatibility with the older drivers.

I just installed the newest P96 V3.01 Software and the ZZ9000 V1.8 drivers. Now the mouse pointer is ok.
Firmware 1.8 of ZZ9000: “WhichAmiga” crashes, but only under ZZ9000-Workbench not with PAL. Sysinfo gives a “Yellow alert - Software failure”.
Under Firmware 1.7 beta2 there are no crashes.

The mouse pointer problem can happen in conjunction with the new Fast RAM feature. I think Bnu has a build without the Fast RAM feature on his website which you can try:

Problems with WhichAmiga are known. It pokes randomly into card registers and causes crashes.