Networking retransmissions and duplications

  • Amiga model: 4000D, recapped in 2019 and battery leakage problems fixed
  • 680x0 CPU: 68060@50Mhz on CyberStorm MkII
  • RAM Configuration: 2x8MiB on mobo (yes, you read that right), 64MiB on CS-MKII, 256MiB on ZZ9000
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: KS 3.1.4, OS 3.9
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version: 1.9.1
  • ZZ9000 Driver version: 1.9 for the package, 1.2 for zz9000net.device
  • Monitor model: Asus VP28UQG
  • Other Zorro cards: None

I am using Genesis, which came with OS 3.9, configured with static IP.

Most of the time I am able to connect to the network from boot but some of the time, I am unable to connect, requiring a cold reboot.

When I am successfully connected, I can start pinging something locally and it works fine for about a minute or so and then I start to see the odd duplicate ping.

I am also testing NFS3 and I get disconnected from the NFS share after the same (random) amount of time, but generally after about a minute or so. Capturing packets from the Amiga, I can see lots of retransmissions and duplications going on when this happens.

If anyone has anyone troubleshooting tips to help with this, I would be most appreciative.