New “Batch 1” ZZ9900

I purchased a ZZ9000 off eBay. It’ll arrive within the next few days :+1:

I’m told this card was purchased new, but has never been installed.

Box, cables, the card itself, etc… are all still in “new” condition.

Thing is, I’ve never owned a ZZ9000 before, and this a ‘Batch 1” card.

I know the firmware will need to be updated.

I already downloaded the latest revision, along with latest drivers.

I also know there’s a heat issue I’ll need to address.

I already reviewed the solution for that as well.

Question 1: Is there anything else I need to do to a “Batch 1” card?

Question 2: Which brand, model and capacity of MicroSD card is recommended? And, can I use the MicroSD card for anything other than flashing the firmware?

  • Amiga model: A3000D
  • 680x0 CPU: BFG9060, 68060@100Mhz :grinning:
  • RAM Configuration: 128 Mb on BFG9060, plus 16Mb Fast & 2Mb Chip
  • Kickstart, AmigaOS Versions: V3.2.1
  • ZZ9000 Firmware version:
  • ZZ9000 Driver version:
  • Monitor model: 38” LG 38GN950
  • Other Zorro cards: Deneb USB
  • Other: AA3000+ Motherboard

Congratulations for getting a ZZ9000 for your A3000. I cant tell much about batch 1 cards, hopefully someone else can, but a heatsink is always a god idea especially in the rather crowded/tight spaces A3000.
like this: 30/50pcs 25x25x10mm Aluminium Heat Sink Raspberry PI Cooling Chipset LED CPU IC | eBay

Congrats! Make sure to test if the modification has been done. The initial batches need a fix to be done.

I have mine in a 3000D as well, but I have installed a fan that attaches to one of the back plates which provides great cooling.

Make sure to spend some money on the Roadshow TCP/IP stack, my favourite…