Next Seattle Reform meetup: September 19!

Hello Community! I’ll be hosting another MNT Reform meetup at a new place, now with food and drink!

Date: Tuesday, September 19th
Time: ~5 PM-8PM
Location: Here Today
2815 Elliott Avenue
Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98121

Come on down and bring your Reform, hacks, tips, tricks…whatever you’re working on!

Here Today is a neat brewpub with their own beers, non-alcoholic drinks, vegetarian-friendly food options, and a chill vaporwave theme. They were kind enough to let me hold enough space for around 15 people give or take.

Unlike previous events, masking is not mandatory (and if the weather is nice, they will keep their big side doors open, so there may be ample ventilation) but everyone should do what’s best for them.

Parking in Belltown can be annoying, but Here Today is only a few blocks down from any bus route that goes on 3rd St, and less than a half hour walk from the Westlake light rail station. It’s also super close to the Olympic Sculpture Garden, so it’s not too far from a bike path.

There is no donation requirement like with Seattle Makers, but the expectation is that everyone will buy something, even if it’s just a drink or some fries. I’ll have some snacks for the table, but please give Here Today your support in return for hosting us!

If you plan on dropping by, please let me know on this post or DM me so I can get a rough headcount. Hope to see some of you there!

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I unfortunately can’t make this one but very much appreciate you coordinating these meetups!

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I’m not 100% certain, but I may be able to make this. Also partly depends on whether I have my Reform back to working state by then :joy: the recent trackball rebuild (and then brick) endeavors have been… interesting…

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not really interested in going to a pub/restauranty-type venue; hope everyone attending has a good time <3

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I’d love to get suggestions for other kinds of venues – for what it’s worth I like Seattle Makers but was always very hungry there, and wanted to try a place with food. Personally, I don’t drink alcohol and was very impressed with Here Today’s availability of vegetarian food and non-alcoholic drinks, along with its relatively mellow, non-bro vibe for a pub-type place, at least.

This is tonight! Hope to see some of you there!