Not booting or crashing after a few minutes


I have trouble booting almost all of the time. Usually the keyboard backlights turn on as well as the screen backlights but then nothing happens.

Generally the issue started after the laptop wasn’t turned on for several days. Having high load, the display went off after around 2 minutes.

And now, if it works, the screen will turn off after around 5-10 minutes. I tried removing batteries, LPCRST (and IMXRST), removing SSD, Wifi, disconnecting trackball and also removing the clock battery.

The latter is what made a difference at some point, the system would have an uptime of > 10 minutes (instead of < 5 minutes). The way the system crashed was interesting, Screen went off for a split second, again after a few seconds and then went off. I might be wrong, but subjectively this was in sync with Trackball movements. (When things still worked, the trackball tended to freeze after around 1-2 hours of high load and I had to connect a USB mouse)

FWIW I measured the power supply output (23.7V) and the clock battery (3.07V). On the Rescue system dmesg produced some messages:

How could this be solved? Firmware update?

Greetings, Philip

edit: another screenshot with the Wifi module connected:

Actually I also checked the power rails, if I’m not mistaken there’s no voltage on R49 (I measured the voltage between the 2 metal pieces) Although F1 seems okay, at least the fuse itself seems fine when testing with the multimeter (although I wonder if I’m measuring wrong or there is something with the socket). Also LPC_VCC power works as well as D11 and D12 are on

Hi, sorry to hear about your trouble! If you are in Germany/EU, a cost effective way may be to send us the laptop for a free inspection. If you want to do that, just send a mail to

Cool, thanks! Well by now things seem to be working again with everything connected, the serial console was actually working all the time. Running umount /boot ; reform-display-config --emmc with dual I think seemed to have solved things