NVMe encryption not detected

I set up an encrypted NVMe drive as described in Advanced Topics — MNT Reform Operator Handbook documentation, however when booting I encountered this:

MNT Reform: reform-init checking boot media...
Your boot preference is: "nvme"
Booting from NVMe SSD.
Trying to boot from partition "/dev/nvme0n1p1".
mount: /mnt: unknown filesystem type 'crypto_LUKS'.
Could not mount '/dev/nvme0n1p1'. Falling back to SD card.
Press ENTER to continue.

I made modifications to /sbin/reform-init and found that blkid had no output and has an exit code of 2, causing the LUKS detection to not work here reform2-imx8mq/reform-tools_1.0-7/sbin/reform-init · 1bf5755b707bde228ef66fb758f8f8c9b3332389 · Reform / reform-system-image · GitLab.

I worked around this by using cryptsetup to do the detection instead of blkid https://git.sr.ht/~conky/reform-system-image/commit/922b0d55cf6b6c85e1409c973abac6aef495188f.patch.

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