NVMe not detected

Hello @all,

yesterday I received my MNT Reform. :partying_face:
After installing the NVMe SSD hardware, I tried to copy the OS from SDCard to the NVMe SSD like described in the manual.
But the NVMe is not detected by OS, no NVMe listed in /dev.

Do I need to do something in the setting.
Or could it be a problem on HW, possibly solder points issues on NVMe port?

Many thanks in advance.




Did you install the included NVMe from Transcend or another NVMe? Have once read on Twitter that not every manufacturer is supported.


Hi Nils,

I installed the Transcend NVMe from package.


hmm…I found two pins / solder points on the m.2 connector are bridged…
start to fix it…let’s go :nerd_face:

Hey, I’m sorry to hear that! As you can see here, a bridge on pins 2+4 is normal (lower left on this screenshot). Were there any other bridges?

Hi Lukas,

many thanks.
This looks not as desired:

I sent you dmesg output and the same pics. Hope it helps.
Many thanks! :+1:



As mentioned in direct message, the bridge on this picture is OK. These are pins 2 and 4.