NVMe - strange behavior

Hello again.
I’ve got some problems with NVMe. It was working fine for 2 days (booting without SD-card), but this morning I’ve got the following issue:

  1. System got extremely slow after login.
  2. A bit later I’ve got I/O errors in TTY
  3. Next was smth like “NVMe IRQ blalba error. Reset controller”
  4. Reboot sends me to rescue mode (“No NMVe SSD detected. Falling back to SD card”)

I’ve used two reset switches on Motherboard (CPU and LPC) and re-installed the SSD unit. And now it works fine (this message is sent from Reform).

But could somebody please tell me:

  1. What could be wrong? Maybe I didn’t screw it properly or something?
  2. Any solutions for proper diagnostics if the issue repeats in future?
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Now it’s seems to be dead. Reset buttons and re-inserting NVME does not help.
Not detected - falling back to SD…
@mntmn Please help. If NVME was working for one week - how long will SD last?..

Lol. NVME is back online again. Maybe that’s all about batt voltage?..

I had the same problem a few weeks ago! I was using the computer fine and then suddenly I couldn’t access any file from the SSD, only getting IO errors. Rebooting did not fix the issue, the SSD wasn’t showing up in dmesg anymore, I had to power off and on to get it back. (this is using the SSD from the kit)

EDIT: 20 minutes after writing this message, it happened again! This time I noticed that the LED next to the SSD (D23) was flashing at a fixed rate (about 2 Hz) even after a soft reset (Circle+R). I had to power off and on a few times for it to come back.

The flashing LED probably means the NVMe is trying to do some internal repair/check. I would recommend to use smartmontools, back up your data and maybe switch over to a new SSD if it happens. I had one SSD die on me over a year ago that never stopped flashing…

Hi, I forgot to ask, what is your NVMe model? Can you install smartmontools (via apt) and give us the output of smartctl --all /dev/nvme0?

My SSD from the kit is now definitely dead — nothing about it in dmesg. Replaced it by the new one, working from it…

Ah, our messages have crossed. I’m very sorry to hear this. It was the 256GB model from the DIY kit?

Not DIY - it’s 256 GB from full Reform+wifi (SSD and wifi were packed in the box with laptop and SD)

Pleroma - photos :slight_smile:

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Out of curiosity, which new model of SSD did you put in? And if you want, you can send us the defective SSD back and we will send it to the maker for replacement.

Local electronic retail’s own label — called DEXP. Don’t know the real manufacturer (will try to find it out few hours later) it’s cheap and probably crappy, will see by it’s behaviour…

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My SSD is now dead as well (256GB Transcend from the DIY kit). What would be the procedure to get it replaced? I suppose it should be covered by the waranty still.

I am very sorry to hear this. Please get in touch via lukas at mntre dot com and we’ll handle the replacement.

Edit: I’ve just seen that Transcend have a warranty service of 3-5 years. This might be the most efficient way to replace the drive(s) Warranty Periods - Transcend Information, Inc.