OLED display not working

I just put together my MNT Reform DIY kit, and I noticed the OLED display never came on. I removed the batteries, detached and reattached the OLED display, and still nothing. I was able to boot the Reform from the SD card, but still nothing on the OLED.
I’m not sure if the OLED is defective or if there is something else going on. I don’t know how to test the component. Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi! Could you post some close-up (macro) photos of how you connected the OLED display (both sides)?

Sure, thanks for helping

Thank you! Do you have a multimeter, and with batteries+power disconnected from Reform, can you check connectivity of the four pins marked with red arrows here to their counterparts on the OLED PCB?

I was able to verify connectivity for all 4 pins. Unfortunately that wasn’t the issue. Would the next step be to measure the voltage between pins 1 and 4 to see if the component is getting power? From the schematics in the manual it looks like there should be a 3V difference between those pins - https://mntre.com/reform2/handbook/_static/schem/reform2-oledx.pdf

I verified that pin 1 (closest to the laptop screen) is at +3.3V. Is there a way to reset the OLED display?