OLED has logo ghost

When I call up the OLED menu, a ghost of the MNT logo appears. Depending on which option is selected, a different part of the logo will be shown. What’s going on here and is there a way to clear it?

I’m coming back to my Reform after some time away from it (I know I’ve been missing out!). I don’t remember this happening before. I am behind on firmware updates.


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Mine does the same, albeit less pronounced. I only see the ghosting if I set the display to show all white.

Unfortunately, this is likely a permanent burn-in of the OLED screen. I’ve noticed that the current firmware displays that logo on power-up, and never clears it unless Circle+ESC is invoked. Sometimes I’ve seen the logo pop up while the system is off, and the computer is charging.

A replacement OLED can fix the symptom, but reworking the keyboard firmware is needed to fix the cause.


Thanks! I guess I’ll order a replacement module the next time I get something from the shop, but will wait to install it until I install firmware that won’t do it again :grin:

Thanks for asking. I have always turned the MNT logo off after a while because I’m just OCD like that, but it is good to know that in this case it was at least a good thing that was helping my display to not suffer burn in.

I believe this is related to the problem where the keyboard MCU sometimes (rarely?) spontaneously resets while in deep-sleep. Depending on your luck (there’s a missing pull-up resistor on the original keyboard), the keyboard will either drop into DFU mode (which presents as “can’t turn laptop on despite batteries being charged, until resetting the keyboard, or replugging the keyboard, or replugging the battery packs”), or, it will reset normally - displaying the logo, and, I think, never removing it (without user intervention) or going back into deep sleep mode. I looked into this in this problem in some detail on this thread (though not considering the logo aspect), with some patches (that are in the latest firmware) that should at least help to minimise this problem.

So this could result in such burn-in if you leave your Reform plugged-in (to prevent the stories of woe from over-discharging the batteries), but unattended and lid-closed for long periods.

I’m currently looking at the keyboard firmware again for some other changes, but will also try to address this problem - specifically, making the logo go away automatically after ~1 min, and/or double-checking that the MCU goes back into deep-sleep (clearing the logo on its way) after inactivity.


I have had the MCU freak out on me three times in about 2 years. Basically it always happened when I just shutdown the Reform (Circle + 0) and then wanted to turn it back on again a couple seconds after the lights go out on the bottom of the Reform.

To get out of the crashed state, I always had to disconnect the batteries from the mainboard.

Thanks for looking into it!