Ordered a 2K zz9000, but

I’ve got a zz9000 ordered for a 2000. However my plans have sorta changed. Seeing the zz9000 can take better advantage of the Z3 bus, I’m going to put it into a 3000 machine I recently picked up. Is the flyer card/bus the same between the 2000 and 3000/4000 and only the cable length different? Or do I need a different flyer card and cable? I assume I can just change the cards firmware between the two?

Or should I request the order simply be updated to a 3000 spec? Or could I order the parts needed to test the card in both a 2000 or 3000 machine?


that’s no problem, the ZZ9000 hardware is identical for Z2 and Z3. The only difference is the video slot adapter cable length (the one for the A3000/A4000 is shorter). But the long cable also works in the A3000, it’s probably just inconvenient. To change the card between Z2 and Z3 mode, just put the appropriate BOOT.bin file on the MicroSD card in ZZ9000:

If you want to order a short cable as well, you can get it here: