Parts needed to finish DIY kit?

Hello - is there a list anywhere of what parts one will need to source to finish building the Reform from the CrowdSupply DIY kit. I’m imagining it’s at least some of the following?

  • Wifi card
  • NVME drive / SD card
  • 18650 battery cells (?)
  • Power supply (?)

Answering my own question - I missed that the contents of the DIY kit were listed about 3/4ths of the way down the Crowd Supply page. The SD card, 18650 cells and power supply are included.


Might also be worth noting that the assembled kits will come with a 256 GB NVMe SSD Samsung EVO, so it would be a safe option to get for us DIYers

Hi, just FYI the SSD is not a Samsung EVO, as I have found at least the 970 EVO Plus does not work. It might draw too much power, but the real reason is unknown. IIRC it also doesn’t work in the Pinebook Pro.

We ship Transcend MTE220S (1TB) and MTE110S (256/512GB) NVMe SSDs which work well in MNT Reform.

And yes, power supply and batteries are included with the DIY kit, as well as a 32GB MicroSD card with full size adapter. The Wi-Fi card (Compex WLE200NX) is an optional add-on.

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Thanks for giving the brand of the WIFI card. I see it has an Atheros AR9280 chip, for which there is quite a range of models available.

IRT some SSDs not operating:

I’ve been working with a few boards, including the Solidrun Honeycomb, in the Solidrun Discord forums they speculate that some of these SSDs have x86 option ROMs that may be conflicting.