Pinout docs for the SoM connector


I’ve been thinking a lot about alternative modules lately, and the sorts of things you can do with them (as well as what kind of peripherals you’d need access to for a minimum nice experience).

It’s very confusing to have to keep referencing the schematics, so I just went and wrote some brief docs about every pin on the reform motherboard’s SODIMM connector. They’re probably mostly accurate.

Reform SoM Connector — (maybe this should live somewhere more permanent…)

LMK if you spot anything off!

I think my main takeaway from this exercise is that making a custom module for the reform is actually a bit less intimidating than I first thought it would be! You can really just ignore any connection you’re not interested in and things will work fine!! (especially given you can manually power off the laptop with the keyboard)


Fantastic, thank you! I think we should incorporate this into the official documentation.