Plan 9 / 9Front on Pocket Reform?

Hello! I recently ordered a MNT Pocket Reform, and was wondering if any of those with prototypes had attempted to boot Plan 9 / 9Front on it, and if so, what results that yielded. I know that 9Front has an image built specifically for the MNT Reform, but assume that there may be some differences between this and the Reform Pocket.

Further, I’m not sure to what extent the WWAN modems will work with 9front, though this is likely more of a question of compatibility on 9front’s end. Still, if any of those who have prototype pocket reforms have information on how well / whether that works, it would be very good to know!

Big reform use i.MX8MQ and pocket reform use i.MX8MQ Plus, so my answer would be “it might work”.

You might need to do your own research about the difference between this two board.

Some information you could find here: hardware - mnt

Not to get your hopes up but I believe someone from SDF has ordered a Pocket Reform :thinking:

The Register (UK computing news website) covered the latest release earlier this month. The author seems impressed with the rate of progress made by 9Front.

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It does look like the latest release has a focus on ARM64 compatibility and some networking changes, plus I2C (which was recently added to the Pocket Reform); I have to wonder if it’s their way of getting ready for the release ahead of time? But like bnys mentioned, I don’t want to get hopes up.

Those changes aren’t related in any way to Pocket Reform.
None of 9front dev team members has (or ordered) a Pocket Reform either.

Can I run 9front from SD-Card? Then I can test it tonight or tomorrow with my pocket…

On the (non pocket) reform, 9front runs fine on a SD card

We have some good content to help build momentum behind Plan 9 with the youtube channel Adventures in 9.

It would be great if this presenter could be loaned a Reform to feature on their channel as an off-the-peg 9Front system. On this topic, maybe somebody a little more mainstream can be convinced to document how they manage to get along with normal tasks using Reform running 9Front?

I follow Haiku which enjoyed a virtuous circle of mindshare after being repeatedly featured on youtube channels like Action Retro. That seems to inspire other creators to do copycat videos. Perhaps 9Front is starting this journey?

Igor Boehm, who at least occasionally develops for 9front, got his hands on a Pocket Reform. Though, he doesn’t have the time to port 9front to it, and is using plan9port at the moment.

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