Plans for an MNT Server?


It may be a bit too soon to ask, however are there any plans for a MNT server? While the Reform would be serving me nicely as a laptop, I would like to have a more powerful and expansion capable device at home, that would obsolete the old HP Microserver Gen8 that I am currently using.


FWIW, I’m personally going to be using a Raptor Computing box for my heavy lifting. Pretty expensive compared to x86 boxen, but being able to compile and flash firmware for everything from source is non-negotiable for me. Not sure what you’re looking for exactly, but hopefully this is useful input.

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The Raptor machines are a bit out of my price range :slight_smile: I was hoping for something like several Refroms squashed together in a single package that I can put in a closet somewhere and compile Gentoo in peace.

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We are working on a concept to put the existing MNT Reform motherboard into a small case to act as a fanless server or desktop/thin client with integrated UPS (due to the existing battery system). This will also be interesting with the upcoming LS1028A module, which allows for the use of Radeon (and maybe other) GPUs. i.MX8M will not allow for the kind of bandwidth you will want for a big RAID or similar, but it is energy efficient.