Pocket Reform specs, selection as-shipped?

I can’t find a/the page describing what comes “in the box” with a Pocket Reform (CPU, memory, etc) and SSD and other options like Reform has. Is there one?

I feel dumb asking this, I swear I saw this info somewhere before… The Crowd Supply page at MNT Pocket Reform | Crowd Supply has basic specs, but I can’t even find a “pocket reform” page on mntre.com’s SHOP page?

I currently have a Reform, and upgraded to A311D, so I have a spare im8mxq board; and given that I’ve ordered an RK3588 the A311D will be unused when that arrives.

Can I order Pocket without CPU?

What comes installed in the box?

I swear I once saw a page where a Pocket Reform could be configured for ordering (anodize color, the sleeve, etc)…

The Pocket is currently only available at CrowdSupply.

Ahh, that explains why I no longer see it on mntre.com (though I’m surprised the page doesn’t exist and link to CrowdSupply).

I am not surprised that it is not sold a la carte.

What CPU comes in the box?

The CrowdSupply link has specs though whoever received theirs already can chime in.

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Crowd Supply had no option to receive a Pocket Reform without a CPU. Apparently, while all of the CPUs that MNT sells for the Reform will work on the Pocket, but there is more testing and bug fixing required before they are in a “production” state of use. Good progress is being made daily, and I personally can’t wait to throw a RK3588 (32gb) in my Pocket. (pun intended)


Omg I don’t know how I did not see that obvious document. My apologies.

I didn’t think it was available a la carte and this is no problem for me.