Power Issues and LPC wakeup

Several times now I’ve experienced the following issue. After normal use, and plugging in the reform while it is off, if I try to turn it on it is completely unresponsive – no LCD, no LPC wake-up indication, nothing. Normally I have to hit circle a few times to get the LPC to come to life, but now nothing happens. Strange thing is, if I open the case, unhook power from the board, take out the batteries, put them back in, then reconnect power to the board, everything will come back to life just fine. And the batteries will work well and seem to be at the correct voltage.

(I have the updated keyboard and LPC firmware installed)

Any ideas?

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In my case — after firmware update — holding circle key for about a second or two brings LPC menu back to life.

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I experienced the same as i was using Circle+0 to ensure everything was off… have not had the issue after stopping this combination on my side :slight_smile:
Btw, last i tried, just reset the keyboard is enough to have it back on again, without need to unplug/replug the battery fyi

I have also been using Circle+0 from time to time, so that may be the culprit. What do you mean by “resetting the keyboard” – is there some key combo that does it without me having to unscrew anything?

I have the same issue very often :frowning:

I am also encountering this issue.

Hi, can you tell me how to reproduce the issue? Is it after turning off the computer with Circle+0 instead of shutting it down from the OS? Also, maybe a silly question, but you know you might have to hold Circle for 1-2 seconds if the keyboard is asleep with the updated firmware?

Hi @mntmn ,

I cannot speak for the others, but I’m not 100% sure how to reproduce this. I do know that I Circle+0 a few times when I was using windowmaker and selecting “exit session” caused the system to hang (separate issue). I am not sure whether or not the machine was plugged in when I did Circle+0 either.

I am back from a trip and will remove/re-add the batteries (this fixes it for me) and then see what happens again.

Exiting WindowMaker… then hitting Circle-0.
How about exiting your WM, then [fully] shutting down the OS, then doing Circle-0?

Do You still have the same problems?

No. I could just turn it off as usual (with OS poweroff) and then try to play with circle menu: turning on again, turning off, checking battery, and then at some point it will definitely stuck while trying to turn on, in most cases display starts to blink or just freezes with static image.

Demo (sorry for the music, forgot to turn it off):

curl -LO https://krasovs.ky/files/reform-bug.mp4 && mpv reform-bug.mp4

Currently my Reform always without back panel, because I am tired to unscrew and screw it everytime :frowning: