Power Issues and LPC wakeup

I’ve spent the last couple weeks debugging keyboard issues, and just wanted to share what I’ve learned.

The sleep issue, as it manifests for me, occurs when I shutdown the Reform overnight, and try to wake it the next morning, holding down the circle key. If it’s hung, I’m forced to press the keyboard reset button.

I’ve shutdown probably around a hundred times or so and never had the issue with keyboard FW ‘R1 20210927’ (commit 7319ecec88a7baa709b76d96151f12fae2e57971). This is the first FW with the power-saving code from @Chartreuse , I think? <3 I even flashed this back after having issues with newer FW, to make sure it wasn’t something else changing in my system.

With FW ‘R1 20220221’ (650412076baf5c2024375044de12a56db911df5c), it hung without exception for the five days or so that I used it.

Finally, with the newest FW (commit d33ac3ee1dbbe8a33c6e1c2a819b2a6671d29775, with devkev’s patches merged), I haven’t yet encountered the issue, after a few days. Thanks @devkev ! <3

Admittedly, I’m not able to understand the underlying code as much as others. But if this is some kind of race condition- not all reform2-keyboard-fw releases seem to trigger it!

It would be interesting to know why, but perhaps it’s not worth diving deeper if devkev’s patches have totally solved it? Anyone still having these issues, with the newest keyboard FW?

I’ve found this thread, having had the issue myself. In my case, it only seems to happen if I shutdown via sudo shutdown now, in which case it’ll happen every single time. Shutting down via sudo shutdown -h now, as in the manual, has my machine come up every time (touch wood).


I’ve started to have this issue again more regularly. It seems to work fine if I use the reform every day, but if i wait two days or more it’s much more likely to not respond and need the batteries pulled out to reset it.

Pressing the keyboard reset has no effect. I have had other issues with the keyboard entering flash mode even without the switch set so perhaps that’s related.

I’ve been very fortunate. It’s happened to me twice. Once on the very first day I had it, then a couple of weeks later, but never since. I didn’t do anything other than update to V3 and do regular apt updates. I hope it gets resolved for you soon @CliffyA I know how frustrating it is having to take the back off and redo the connectorrs.

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