Power Supply was not included in the shipment from CS

I received the MNT Reform DIY Kit from CrowdSupply, but there was one problem.

The DIY Kit lists a Power Supply (24 V 2 A international power supply) as included in the contents, but it was not included in the package I received.

I am going to contact CrowdSupply about this, is anyone else in a similar situation?

Hi, this is probably a packing mistake/slip on our part. I’m sorry for this. Can you contact us at support@mntre.com including your address, so we can get you set up with a replacement? I think handling it through Mouser would take much longer.

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BTW, the power adapter is normally in a small cardboard box, wrapped in black paper, in the big black box containing the main MNT Reform unit. (Edited for clarification)

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I checked again to see if I missed something, but could not find the small box with the power supply. Thanks for your quick reply.
I will contact you at the email address you provided in your inquiry.

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I received my DIY kit today and found that I also did not have the power supply.
I also sent a request for support.
Can’t wait to build it!

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Same. Got the DIY kit, no power supply.
I believe I have a compatible one – it’s 18V, which seems to be within the range reform should be able to take (which is 7-32V if I understand correctly), but I’m not sure.

I contacted support and was offered some solution options, but I’m temporarily on hold.
Because I’m looking for a compatible power supply available in my country over the weekend and would like to try it out (unfortunately I couldn’t find a store that sells Mean Well power supplies in the country).

The official power supply for MNT Reform is the Mean Well GST60A24, whose specifications support a current of 60W 24V, up to 2.5A, and the jack barrel seems to have an inner diameter of 2.1mm and an outer diameter of 5.5mm.