Powering the Reform with Thinkpad AC/DC adapters


maybe some of you (like me) used to own a Thinkpad before they switched to the Reform. If (like me) you’d like to continue using some of your old Thinkpad accessories, here is an idea how you can power your Reform using your old Thinkpad AC adapter or your Thinkpad 12 V DC car cigarette lighter adapter. The secret ingredient is this one:


The TE Connectivity female DC Power Jack Conn DIP type 10.7A (1-2129458-1) is the fitting connector for the Thinkpad rectangle power plug and with it, you can access the 20 V that Thinkpad AC adapters provide.

I use it in two situations:

  • more locations in the house where i can leave and charge my Reform or an easier way to charge my Reform when I’m visiting friends
  • charging my Reform from my portable power bank which offers a 12 V cigarette lighter socket or charging it from the same socket in a car. When using my power bank I can also run my Reform using 12 V directly but when I go by car, I feel a bit safer with the DC/DC adapter in the middle as I heard that the voltage provided by a car’s cigarette lighter can potentially be a bit erratic.

I still have three of them lying around. Ordering from digi-key or mouser can be fairly expensive unless you order 50 EUR worth of stuff, so if you’d like to have one of the remaining three connetors, write me a PM and I can send you a letter.