Processing IDE crashes Xwayland

The save dialogue box on Processing IDE is capable of crashing Gnome. On KDE, the crash is caught and reported that Xwayland died, and everything works a-ok on with sway.
It’s unhappy about dbus and is fairly trivial to reproduce.

  1. Download Processing 4.0.1

  2. Run processing-4.0.1-linux-arm64/processing

  3. Go to File > Save

After a moment you’ll be dropped back to the console.

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Installing ibus and gdm and invoking gnome that was causes processing to just die without taking the entire environment down with it but I suspect that’s because things are running through X and not Wayland base on the packages that were installed along with gdm.

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what if you export _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1 before starting processing?

It now says double free or corruption (!prev) after it crashes in a gnome session invoked via GDM.
If I start gnome from the shell, processing still takes the desktop environment down.

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Revisited this after updating debian packages (left processing as-is), issue now appears to be resolved. I was able to save and run sketches just fine.

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