Question about pocket mnt reform power saving

Will it be possible to disable certain features in pocket mnt reform for whenever it boots for example, via something like auto-cpufreq or other?

I don’t use bluetooth for example and I am very aware it uses a lot electricity and also other functions that are not specifically needed for everyone. To be able to pick and choose what functions work and which don’t for ones that are optional would be cool.

Hello, tweaking power connection is entirely possible. Bluetooth and wifi can be turned on and off(mostly at least to the point that power consumption is negligible). The joy of open source just that. We get to make them work the way we want.


Indeed, that is the joy of open source. This will be less of a problem for RK3588, no wifi soldered and no bluetooth (yay!)

I tend to avoid bluetooth because it is a resource and battery life hog.

Also heard some unsettling environmental problems about bluetooth as well.

But 100% good to hear what you said.

What are these “environmental problems” that exist in addition to the resources inside the Bluetooth hardware and its power consumption? I’m not doubting you may have valid concerns (I knew people who claimed to be sensitive to radio frequencies when I lived in mid wales, they chose the area because it was a not-spot for cellphones!).

It had to do with emissions, but after doing some searches again recently, I realized most of the searches before 2021 are the ones that are unfavourable to bluetooth. However, ironically, the ones after 2021 say the opposite. It seems I might have been wrong about emissions.

As for battery life, I recall whenever I had it on, it drained battery life faster on my devices. tablet/phone in the past even without connecting to anything. It could be poorly implemented though, on those devices, so I could be wrong in which case:
Sorry if I wasted your time lol.

I seem to have outdated info at least about the bluetooth emissions though.