Reform 6.5 kernel and standby poll

Greetings fellow MNT’ers, the 6.5 kernel seems to have fixed the regression affecting standby on the Reform. I’d like to get a bit more data on the matter and so I’ve set up a poll.

Are you on 6.5 and have you tested suspend? What are your results?

For me it has been rock solid and reliable. I’m on about 32 successful attempts now.

  • Suspend is reliable on 6.5
  • Suspend is not reliable on 6.5
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I’m the one vote that voted “no” here. Just as with all the kernels before, I get nvme errors in the log:

nvme 0001:01:00.0: Unable to change power state from D3hot to D0, device inaccessible

@serpent has the same problem: Standby - Suspend to RAM (MNT Reform) - #92 by serpent

I actually just had this same error on my system. That exact same error at the bottom with the reseeded message.

Do you know what that particular line is talking about?

I just upgraded and tried suspend on 6.5.0. The initial suspend/resume worked fine, subsequent attempts appear to start the suspend process but immediately resume (i.e. I get bounced right back to the sway session I started from and the Reform does not suspend).

Which is better than the device appearing to hang on resume as it had been in the past, but it’s still not fully functional for me.

I do wonder why I have such success with suspend all the time. I think it has to be the NVME drive I am using.

Looking at related discussions, it looks like the most difference in behavior comes from NVMe. I’m wondering how situation will change with new CPU modules; recent problems with M2 adapter are a bit worrying.
Unfortunately I don’t know how to start debugging this.

I have found that if I have Libreoffice open it can trigger resume from suspend issues. I think this has to do with changes to a document being made but not saved. Libreoffice has a file lock and this most likely prevents the NVME from entering standby properly. If I remember to save the document before suspending, so far this has seemed to not cause crashes. I am currently on resume number 47 now and going strong.

Fingers crossed that this is the issue I was having and that things just keep working. Even if not, this is reliable enough for me.

I haven’t had any issues resuming after a suspend on 6.5 but I have noticed that power saving isn’t that great. If reform lasts ~6 hours idle it can suspend of ~12 hours.

Yes, suspend on the Reform effectively halves power consumption. Room for improvement sure, but being able to take the Reform off the charger and go to work and back with it, and not have it die, is the virtue of suspend in this case.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh yeah huge improvement for sure. I just tend to have laptops floating around in suspend and pickup whichever one has the most charge. I’d like to see the Reform reach that state one day.