Reform “cell missing” in system status

Hello there! I’m in the US and recently received my prebuilt Reform. The packaging was unexpectedly gorgeous and the unit itself is fantastic. Makes me smile to use it.

I’ve run into a bit of a snag: the System Status menu shows the attached message, and the battery percentage displays as ???. The Reform works wonderfully when plugged in but turns off immediately when unplugged.

I know there’s a somewhat similar topic in the forum, but it didn’t mention this message specifically.

Cheers and thanks for all the hard work!

I was only able to add one image to the original post. Here’s the battery status screen.

I know it sounds obvious but: have you plugged the battery packs to the motherboard? I would imagine they are not plugged during transport to avoid deep discharge.

edit: here is the handbook part about that Quick Start — MNT Reform Operator Handbook documentation

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Welcome! I would agree with what Kooda said: it looks like the battery packs are not connected to the motherboard. Perhaps the connectors are not pushed all the way in? Also note the orientation: they have a white paint dot on the side that should face down when plugging in.

Thank you - the battery packs weren’t plugged in to the motherboard :slight_smile: I’m definitely used to treating my laptop as a black box, so even though this made me feel a bit dumb, it was enlightening!


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