Battery "cell missing" state, charger killing batteries?

Hi there,

Attached are photos of my system and battery status.

This seems similar to my last thread (Reform “cell missing” in system status - #5 by nsm) where the problem turned out to be the battery packs just not being plugged into the motherboard :slight_smile: However, they definitely are now.

I ordered replacement batteries (JGNE 3.2V 18650 1800mAh 5.4A LiFePO4 Battery - 18650 Battery Store) and a Nitecore charger ( Charging the new batteries via the Nitecore charger, I get the same problem. Strangely, when I then remove the new batteries and insert them back into the charger, the charger reports half of them as being in the Error state.

Is it possible one of my battery boards is bad? Any advice would be appreciated.


That seems to be suggesting the batteries are charged up at 5.3V, which is way higher than a LiFePO4 should be running at: they should sit at 3.2V when fully-charged. Something’s wrong.

Assuming the batteries, when charged in the external charger, say 3.2V, it sounds like the battery monitoring circuitry in the Reform’s gone bad. You could try resetting the LPC, maybe, but if it’s a hardware fault that’s not going to fix it.

Flip the Reform over and have a close look around the battery boards for anything looking charred.

5.3V is just the upper limit for the measurements, my guess it that there is nothing being measured… are you sure that the battery board connectors are all the way in? And the batteries have the correct polarity?

Photos of the battery boards - I don’t notice any charring.

Photos of the charger and bottom of the laptop with batteries removed. I’m sure the polarity is correct and the connectors are all the way in. Is it possible the Nitecore charger could have damaged the batteries?

Wanted to bump this once - still no luck :frowning:

Sorry for the bump again, but I haven’t had any luck in diagnosing the problem still.