Reform Keyboard: First impression

Today, I received my Reform Keyboard (QWERTZ) in gold. I’m certain that the official name was different, but it is gold.

Some impressions:

I have tried it on macOS so far, and it works very well out of the box.
The build quality is great. Spaltmaße are a thing and this is definitely not a Tesla. Noise is manageable, and the keys feel satisfying enough. I would recommend putting it onto a cloth surface (or anything else that dampens a bit), else you may also hear an oscillating, high metallic sound while releasing keys. Still not a fan of the small enter key, YMMV.

As my keyboard came without the handle, I’ve started designing some feet that screw into the handle holes on the side. Not 100% happy with my solution yet, but it works well enough so far.

All in all, I’m very pleased with the purchase. It feels like I’m typing on a piece of art.


I’m so glad I ended up choosing the golden one too :relaxed: Can’t wait to play with mine.