Replacement Batteries

So I don’t have an electrical engineering background, and I’d rather not fry my Reform, so I wanted to see if these batteries would work with it:

They are 18650 3.2V LiFePO4 batteries, so they match the original batteries in terms of size, voltage and chemistry. However, this store 2000 mAh of energy rather than the 1800 mAh of the originals. I’m also not sure what amperage they are rated to, or what the current draw of the Reform is.

I also ordered the protected battery board, which I hope will protect these from dying the way my original batteries died (I think I let them discharge too much).

I cannot comment on your aliexpress selection but i’ve been using 2000 mAh LiFePO4 batteries from Eremit for over a year now: EREMIT 3.2V 1500mAh 18650 LiFePo4 Akku Pack

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These look fine to me.

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These are very similar to some cells I installed a few days ago in my Reform, from some no-name brand labelled PATOZM. Likely the same cells with slightly different labeling. So far, they’re working great.

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Thanks for the feedback. I had trouble finding the JGNE cells in stock, so I’m glad to hear that other’s have had success with similar cells to the ones I found.

I purchased similar from and have been happy with them:
“Patozm 2000mah 18650 Lifepo4 3.2V Rechargeable Batteries Long Cycle”

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My batteries just arrived today. I charged them up with my external LiFePO4 battery charger and installed them into the reform. So far they are working fine. All cells report normal 3.2V
Only issue I see so far is that the charger I have showed a capacity of only 1400 mAh, so only about 75% the advertised 2000 mAh.

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18650 battery store has 1100mAh cells in stock. They seem to no longer sell any cells from JGNE, however.

Battery space has 1800mAh cells now:

Correction: here are cells around 1500mAh and below from Only Batteries. They do not have 2000mAh batteries like I thought previously (thx @chipperoodles)

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(those 2000 mAh are 22650s so they might be too wide to fit?)

That actually makes me wonder, what types of replacement batteries can be put in the mnt reform devices?
18650 yes, but any others?

Size wise 18650 are the only ones that physically fit. If there is a size that’s really close maybe you can get them to fit into the battery holders but the spacing is really tight so you risk shorting contacts out.

you could definitely make battery boards that fit different sized cells. I’m considering it as an option for one of my projects, instead of 8x 18650s maybe 4 larger cells in series. It all depends on what fits best physically for me.