Seattle MNT Reform meetup/hands-on event on November 6th!

Hello Community!
I’ll be hosting an MNT Reform meetup at Seattle Makers on Sunday, November 6th from 4:30PM to 7:00PM. Come on down and bring your Reform, hacks, tips, tricks…whatever you’re working on! If you don’t yet have a Reform, we will have a sample you can try before you order one.

Please RSVP here on Meetup:

Address: 3300 Wallingford Ave N, 98103 Seattle, not far from Gasworks Park and the Burke Gilman trail. Please consider taking transit or carpooling if possible. King County Metro buses 31 and 32 stop a few blocks away.

Two things to note: The venue is still masking and requires vax cards as well. These are non-negotiable and we will follow their guidelines.

Additionally, since they’ve so generously let us use their large classroom space, it’s suggested we each contribute $10 to their worthy cause. It’s a great org with a ton of useful tools…you’ll have an opportunity to take a look at their equipment while you’re there.

Hope to see you there!


Ooo! I’ll try and come up from Portland that weekend and bring mine, but I may be heading out of town for work that week.

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Maybe you and @jcstaudt can carpool!

Will be there! coming up from Portland…

Is it possible to bring another person without having them sign up through

Anyone want to catch lunch sunday or monday?

I think bringing a +1 is fine since you registered. I might be free to hang outside the event but we’ll see!

I plan to attend, and I’ll have a couple of the v1 (flawed) ergo keyboard PCBs to hand out.

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Bumping the thread to say that I think we have 11 people registered/confirmed on here. Excited to see everyone in a little over a week!

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I’m tentative but it’s likely that I don’t be able to make it up this weekend. :tired_face:

Getting ready for the train tomorrow, and it was just pointed out that the great timezone switch from PDT -0700 back to PST -0800 is happening, so sleep in a bit, but don’t get too confused…

The king county transit planner is all kinds of confused, suggesting departures that arrive before the departure time and such…

Look forward to seeing you all!


Thanks to everyone for coming by today! Was great to meet all of you. We had a max of 8 Reforms all in the same room, got to see some cool hacks (polydactyl’s keyboard is awesome!), and mad props to the SDF crew for bringing Plan9/9front! I think we all agree that we should at least make this a quarterly event so I’ll definitely plan on another meetup in 2023.


As was discussed at the event, we’re looking at a protected battery board and accessory group buy for Seattle/PNW Reform users. Please chime in if you’re interested!

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Any chance for events like this elsewhere?

Certainly makes me wish I was in Seattle.

Would be happy to help organize something like this in Chicago.

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